Does the founder of Little Humans have children of her own? 

Abigail and her husband welcomed their first child, James Porter into their family June 23, 2018. Her experience with her child and her research-based approach favors a non-judgmental, adaptive attitude that uses peer-reviewed research along with her past professional experiences to inform her advice.


Are home visits necessary? Can I do an online consultation instead?

Online consultations are offered to families who live in places where home visits aren’t possible or practical due to distance. While online consultants can certainly help, clients generally experience more success when Abigail is able to have a glimpse into the home life and the specific dynamics and areas where they want assistance.


Can I pick and choose which areas my family needs help with?

Yes. An integrated approach that addresses several areas at once is often helpful and recommended, but Abigail is happy to address specific needs as well. 


How quickly can I expect to see results? And what happens if I don’t?

Every family is different, so it’s difficult to predict how quickly you might see results. You are the most important person when it comes to maintaining the changes we make together. However, Abigail will keep in touch with you after your consultations to make sure you’re staying on track and to help answer any questions that may have come up along the way.


What if my child or family doesn’t bond with the consultant?

It is Little Humans’ goal to connect with each member of your family, but if you feel like we just aren’t meshing, please don’t hesitate to speak up so a solution can be found or I can connect with someone else!


Where can I learn more about your approach and philosophy to parenting issues? 

We encourage you to explore the links below, which inform much of the philosophy of Little Humans.